Comprehensive Internet, data networking and equipment rental services are available to clients and exhibitors through Smart City, the exclusive Internet and data services provider to the Indiana Convention Center & RCA Dome. To order service, the Internet Order Form must be completed and returned to the address noted on the form, together with payment. Orders may also be placed online using a valid credit card at, or by contacting a Smart City representative at (888) 446-6911.

Internet Services

There are several Internet connection options available at the Indiana Convention Center & RCA Dome delivered over our Gigabit fiber backbone:

    • Shared T1 Ethernat Service – Full T1 connection. (LAN card required)
    • Shared Scaled Ethernat Service – For lower bandwidth needs, up to a full T1 depending on your requirements and budget. (LAN card required)
    • Basic Internet Service - scaled service may be selected from 56Kbps
    • Dedicated Ethernet Service (T1 or Greater) -- exclusive high-speed Internet needs can be arranged through Smart City to have a dedicated T1, DS3, etc., installed for the event. (LAN card required) Recommended for use with VoIP and Webcast services.
    • Wireless Service – Enjoy Internet/LAN portability while at the Indiana Convention Center & RCA Dome with a wireless option.
    • Additional Public IP Addresses. Also available in blocks of 29 addresses.

Miscellaneous Services

Smart City offers a host of other services at the Indiana Convention Center & RCA Dome:

    • Complete networking services available at 10/100/1000 Mb. Whether it is booth to booth, room to room, VLAN configuration, or setting up a “cyber cafe”, Smart City will provide the requested design.
    • Equipment Rental, routers, hubs, switches, LAN cards, as well as PC's, monitors, flat screens, etc.
    • Webcast/Web Conferencing available in live and on-demand with secured media delivery built on patent-pending technologies.
    • WiFi sponsorships with revenue generated by advertising messaging on the WiFi sign-in page.
    • Network Security Services in a suite that includes but is not limited to content filtering, clean service detection, fire walls and intrusion detection.
    • IP Video Services
    • Consulting and Technical Services, on an hourly basis, to help with technical needs.


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