ConcessionsHow do I get to the tarmac?

From I-70 - Take exit 79A, head north on Missouri / West Street. The tarmac area is approximately 1/8 mile past South Street on the right.

From I-65 - Take West Street, exit 114. Head south to South Street and turn left (east). Proceed one block to West / Missouri and turn left (north). The tarmac area is approximately 1/8 mile on the right. Please note that the tarmac is not directly accessible when traveling southbound on West Street. You will pass the convention center before turning on South Street. Map.

Where should I park?

Over 9,400 parking spaces in surface lots and parking garages immediately surround our facility. An additional 40,000 parking spaces are within a ten-block area. Arrangements for specialty and long-term parking can be made through Denison Parking at 317-636-8552 or [email protected]. Please visit our parking information page to view the most convenient parking for your event.

How much does it cost to park?

Depending upon the event, parking charges can range from $5.00 to $10.00.

No water or sewer hookup is available.

Reservations are not required. All parking is on a first-come, first-served basis.

Special Needs – Can the facility accommodate persons with special needs?

All entrances into the convention center are fully accessible and power-assisted doors ease your movement in and out of the facility. Persons with special needs may be dropped off and/or picked up on the north side of the convention center under the Maryland Street canopy and on Capitol Avenue adjacent to the RCA Dome Ticket Office windows. Wheelchair requests (for use inside the facility), are available on a first-come, first-served basis at the First Aid office or by contacting a security person at 317-262-3350. Parking is provided in each of the surrounding lots and garages in the area on a first-come, first-served basis. Please review the special needs guide for additional information.

Does the Indiana Convention Center & RCA Dome have any exclusive contracts?

Currently, exclusive contracts are held by
•  Centerplate (food service and novelties management)
•  Contemporary Services Corp. (stadium and traffic service)
•  Protection Plus, Inc. (armed security)
•  Clarian Health Partners, Inc. (emergency medical services)
•  Denison Parking (parking lot management)
•  Smart City Networks (Internet services).

How can I get a copy of the Pre-Qualified Exhibitor-Appointed Contractor, and the Pre-Qualified Decorator, and Pre-Qualitified Security Firms litsts?

Click here to view the Pre-Qualified Decorator list.

Click here to view the Pre-Qualified Exhibitor-Appointed Contractor list.

Click here to view the Pre-Qualified Security Firms List.

I plan small events for 50 people and under. Can the Indiana Convention Center & RCA Dome accommodate this smaller size meeting?

Small groups receive the same attention as the larger conventions. Meetings come in all sizes and so do our 48 different meeting rooms.

May I bring food and beverage items into the facility?

Centerplate has exclusive food and beverage distribution rights within the Indiana Convention Center & RCA Dome and surrounding properties. Sample sized items – beverages, limited to a 2 ounce container, and food items, limited to "bite sized," are permitted with the written consent of the Indiana Convention Center & RCA Dome and Centerplate management.

Does the Indiana Convention Center & RCA Dome accept freight?

Due to space restrictions, we cannot accept freight shipments. All shipments made directly to the Indiana Convention Center & RCA Dome on a move-in day for an exhibit hall must be routed to the attention of the decorator and directed to the docks at the west end of the facility. Materials to be used in meeting rooms should be sent to a representative of either the event sponsor or the Official Exposition Service Contractor. Representatives MUST be present to receive all shipments.

May I bring helium balloons for my event or to my booth?

Helium tanks and helium balloons are not permitted in the facility.

May I use glitter, stickers or confetti for my event?

Glitter, stickers or confetti are not permitted in the facility.

May I hang signs for my event?

You may not attach anything to the walls, fixtures or floors in or on the building. Anything attached to the facility must be handled by facility personnel. Arrangements should be made through your Event Coordinator.

Is the Indiana Convention Center & RCA Dome a union facility?

The Indiana Convention Center & RCA Dome uses union labor exclusively to provide services to our clients. Please review our Policies and Procedures for a description of the different laborers. You should also discuss these questions with your Event Coordinator.

May I set up my own booth?

As an exhibitor, you are allowed to set up your own exhibit booth, as long as you use your own full-time employees (“FTE”). If you require assistance, other than your FTEs, in transporting your materials to your booth, you must use labor provided by your event's Pre-Qualified Decorator (“Decorator”). If you require labor to assist with the set-up/tear-down of your booth, you must use the labor provided by the event's Decorator. If your event does not have a Decorator, then you must contact your Event Coordinator from the Indiana Convention Center & RCA Dome, who will assist you in placing a labor order.

Can I make changes to my room set-up?

Changes to the initial room setup (within 10 days prior to move-in of the event) and all room turnovers will involve additional labor charges. This also applies when a room is turned over for a food function.

Do I need medical technicians during my event?

Medical personnel are required if 2,000 or more attendees are anticipated for an event. Clarian Health Partners, Inc. presently services the facility.

May I hire police officers for security during my event?

Please consult your Event Coordinator who will be glad to assist you with your security needs.

Do you have wireless hot spots?

We offer four convenient locations in the building. Maps are available on-site.

My event is open to the public and I want to sell my own tickets. Is this permissible?

If ticket prices are $5.00 or less, you may sell them. All tickets above $5.00 that are sold to the public must be ordered, disbursed, sold, refunded and controlled by the Indiana Convention Center & RCA Dome Ticket Office or its designated ticket agency, presently Ticketmaster. NOTE: Advertising is NOT permitted prior to an executed contract with the convention center.

What type of payments does the Ticket Office accept?

For most events, the Ticket Office accepts cash, Visa, MasterCard, Discover Card, or American Express. Checks, made out to the RCA Dome Ticket Office, are accepted only through the mail and up to two weeks prior to the event. For tickets sold on the day of an event or “only at the door events,” the Ticket Office accepts cash only. Signs above the windows indicate what type payment is accepted at that window. Some windows are “cash only.”

Does the Ticket Office accept phone or Internet orders?

Most events do accept phone and Internet orders. However, the orders are taken through Ticketmaster. You may reach Ticketmaster at 317-239-5151 or by going to their website at www.ticketmaster.com

Does the Ticket Office accept mail orders?

Provided there is ample time to process the order and mail back to the customer, mail orders are accepted up to one week before the event. There is a handling fee of $3.00 when sending a mail order.

What are the Ticket Office hours?

The Ticket Office regular hours are Monday through Friday, 9:00 a.m. – 5:00 p.m. During the Indianapolis Colts season, the Ticket Office is open on Saturday from 10:00 a.m. – 4:00 p.m. The Ticket Office is open during events as the event dictates.

Do you accept Will-Call from the public?

We do have Will-Call tickets that customers order through Ticketmaster by telephone or online. We also may have Will-Call tickets should the event dictate. However, Will-Call is not accepted from the general public.

Do you have a business center?

The Indiana Convention Center & RCA Dome Business Center is located on the first floor of the convention center between the 500 Ballroom Reception Room and Meeting Room 116. Limited services include:

1. Black and White Copy Services.
2. Color Copy Services.
3. Large Format - Color and Black and White.
4. Document Finishing / Binding.
5. Fax Services.
6. Copier Rental.
7. Facsimile Rental.
8. Basic Office Supplies.
9. Shipping.

Does the Indiana Convention Center & RCA Dome have Automatic Teller Machines (ATMs)?

ATMs are conveniently located on the first level of the Indiana Convention Center, in the Maryland Food Court and between Room 116 and the 500 Ballroom Reception Room. During events in the RCA Dome, ATMs are available at Gates 1, 2, 3 and 4 on the first- and third-level concourses.

Mail Services

A mail drop box is located on the first level of the Indiana Convention Center, between Room 116 and the 500 Ballroom Reception Room. Should you require more comprehensive services, the main branch of the United States Post Office is located just a short, two-block walk south of the facility.

Do you have portable ADA hearing impaired systems available for client use?

Hearing enhancement equipment is available by client's request. Contact your Event Coordinator for further information.

What time does the facility and/or skywalks open and close?

The time frame for closing and opening of the facility and skywalks is event-dependent. Rule of thumb for lock down in the evening is approximately 11:00 p.m. and re-opening in the morning at approximately 6:00 a.m.

Is there a restaurant in the facility?

The Indiana Convention Center & RCA Dome food courts offer various food choices. The facility is also connected via walkway to several nearby hotels and the Circle Centre, offering a wide-range of dining selections.


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